Urko Sánchez
“We analyse the vernacular architecture of each location where a project is going to take place in order to be able to introduce a modern twist and techniques which we believe the project can benefit from.”
Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Urko Sánchez began his architectural studies in 1988. As part of his studies, Urko began participating in different architectural endeavors with NGOs in Spain and Nicaragua, starting work even before finishing his degree. Urko continued to offer his expertise in different conflict zones, including Bosnia, El Salvador and Angola where he spent two years. His participation there always revolved around the field of architecture, building camps, schools and clinics.
Upcoming Events
20 Oct 2017
African Mobilities-Lagos Exchange
Panel discussion on the work of Olalekan Jeyifous 16:00pm-18:00pm
University of Lagos
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