Karl Bremer Office Accommodation
South Africa
New Administration Office and Training Facility for the Western Cape Government's Department of Public Works – Health. The structure will be complete midway through 2016 and will be the first project, internationally, to combine socio-economic and environmental strategies to a achieve a 5 Green Star rating.
The structure will be complete midway through 2016 and will be the first structure, internationally, to combine socio – economic and environmental strategies in order to achieve a 5 Green Star rating. The following strategies will contribute to the project’s rating in terms of the socio-economic category: Employment Creation: 10% or more of total labour employed during the construction to comprise of disadvantaged people who are collectively from the target groups of youth, women or disabled people. It will measure this by percentage cost of the contract value. Economic Opportunity: 5% of the total project value on selected contracts to be undertaken by developing contractors that are also beneficiaries of enterprise development support from the main contractor. A minimum of 30% of the procurement of project-specific goods and services during the construction phase will be from SME’s that are black owned. A minimum of 70% of the materials, products and services used in construction are to be produced or generated within South Africa. Skills Development and Training: Hands-on practical experience and mentorship throughout the project period will lead to recognised qualifications. Safety and Health: Besides standard construction regulations, the contractor will have to conduct full medical screening tests and basic health awareness programmes for all construction-related employees. A Hazardous Identification Risk Assessments of the design was conducted to ensure that all elements of the structure can be installed with minimum risk. In addition to the social aspects and standard green design principles of the project, the following unique strategies contribute to the building’s 5 Green Star Rating: An organic blackwater treatment plant supplies HVAC cooling towers with 100% of it’s water requirements. Zero storm water discharge to municipal storm water infrastructure through multiple Bioretention areas incorporated into the landscape design.

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