NEW THEATRE, Cannons Creek Independant School
South Africa
The NEW THEATRE at Cannons Creek School is a flexible performance and gathering space that aims to enhance pupil’s learning experience through performance art, theatre and musical productions.
Cannons Creek School is situated in leafy Pinelands, the original Cape Town “Garden City” residential suburb. The school was originally constructed in the 1990s. In 2012, the Primary School, or Phase 1 buildings, (also designed by VDMMA), were built on the Eastern side of the site. The latest additions to the school are a new THEATRE / CULTURAL CENTRE and a new bridge link between the two existing high school buildings, providing an elevated and covered walkway link for pupils and staff. The THEATRE has been designed in a way to provide for multiple uses and THEATRE configurations. These configurations include traditional school assembly and a traditional theatre stage layout, where the audience watch from the floor and balcony with the stage behind a proscenium arch. But the stage is mobile and therefore does not confine the use of the space to a single layout, and encourages productions to make use of this flexibility. The stage can be moved to the centre of the hall to allow for “theatre in the round” for alternative theatre productions, or even for “catwalk”. Massive sliding doors in the East Wall of the THEATRE can open; linking inside to outside. This allows for a ‘reverse arrangement’ – where the audience is seated outside on the lawn, looking back into the space. Large sliding doors linking the space to a new external courtyard also enhance the flexibility of the space. The aim is that the NEW THEATRE becomes the cultural centre of the campus, where performance art, theatre, musical productions and gatherings can become an integral part of the pupil’s learning experience. Spatially the NEW THEATRE building aims to unite the Phase 1 Primary School buildings, with the older high school buildings, into an integrated campus.

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