Public participation workshop with Social Gain 2015 winner Kate Otten Architects
The design for this primary school proposed different phases that could be implemented over a period of time as necessary funds were raised.
To prioritise which of the proposed phases should be rolled out first, Kate Otten and her team in partnership with Adopt-A-School, spent a day with school kids and teachers to establish what are the most important things they want for their school.
Kate Otten Architect’s winning design in the ADOPT category for Social Gain 2015 is an intervention that anticipates answering the multi-layered requirements of a school in structured, phased implementation. Starting with the most basic elements of comfort in place and space that a child would need to enjoy their learning experience, a landscaped playground using sustainable water management systems. Once the core environment is managed the proposed design then progresses to increased comfort for the business of running a school with new administration facilities, more classrooms and eventually a library. The school kids drawings and unprompted responses were unanimous and heartwarming. Follow this project on our Facebook page and website as we work towards having the project complete by the end of the next awards cycle in September 2017.

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