Updates & Insights
Tanzeem Razak: Celebrating Home Grown
“Because we are used to working with such limited resources, we have developed enormous skill. We have a sense of resilience, and an ability to do things our own way. We have so much to share and show – a newness and freshness that comes out of home grown ideas, and a level of innovation that is inspiring.
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An Eye on the Future
"Building a practice incorporates the skills set of an entrepreneur and running a business, together with loving architecture enough to be able to passionately sell it to the client – because a client can sense whether or not you are excited about a project." Thomas Chapman, Local Studio Architecture & Urban Design
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Issa Diabaté: Designing Processes
“Every step of this undertaking ( Chocolat Residential ) has been a design process – from designing the legal framework that would allow the projects to happen, to the financing and marketing of projects, to the way in which ‘house rules’ are implemented for occupants,”
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