Parasite unit
South Africa
The parasite unit is a small multi-functional structure that can be placed anywhere and used for almost anything.
Strey Architect's solution to the Mens' Health Living brief draws on our experience designing small and multi-functional spaces with Modul8. In order for a small space to fulfill many different functions, one has to keep the interior as simple, sleek and uncluttered as possible. We merged all the ideas into an uncluttered, white volume to make the small, multi-functional space seem bigger, brighter and airier than it actually is. We created a glass-fronted modular unit that could be placed anywhere: in the veld, in a garden or on top of an existing building. For that reason, we went for a shape that is not found anywhere and does not adhere to any particular style or area. When you walk in, you are faced with empty floor space. In its neutral state, the room is open and free of any clutter. The open shelving for the books is the only indication that this space has other functions. In order to optimize a small space, you have to give more than one function to each area and each element. During the day, the desks or working surfaces can be folded down and, during the night, they can be folded up and stored away, while the beds can be folded down. Two single beds can act as a double bed or, alternatively one bed can be folded up and one desk down, leaving more variations open to the user. The working surfaces can do duty as a desk, vanity, table or ironing board. The beds can even double as daybeds or seats for the desk. High cupboards are used as storage space or to place a small geyser. We threw in a bathroom and kitchen so that it can operate as a self-sufficient unit too.

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