Digital Innovation
The Africa Architecture Awards 2017 encourages all architectural professionals on the African continent to submit their work through a highly transparent and easily accessible digital submission process. Entry is free. Entrants can enter in more than one category, and are welcome to submit as many projects as they would like. Click here for full Entry Guidelines and Process
To encourage dialogue on, and awareness of architecture in Africa, all entries are posted online for viewing within 72 hours of being submitted as an entry. The public and fellow architectural peers can review work and vote for their preferred project as and when entries go live. Entries are open for 6 months, so the sooner entrants post their submissions, the more votes they are likely to gather.
The winner of the People’s Choice Awards will be flown to Johannesburg for the Awards Seminar and Gala Awards Ceremony on the 6th and 7th of September 2017. The Top Voter, the person who contributed the most votes to the People’s Choice Award Winner will accompany the winner to the Awards Seminar and Ceremony in September 2017.

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