Social Gain 2017 / Saint-Gobain sponsor the Architect Africa Film Festival
Following on the success of the Social Gain 2015 Architecture Awards the 2017 Awards Program entry submission format will once again be in the form of movies.
Supporting a film festival that speaks to the 2 core pillars of the 2017 awards, not only the role of film in architectural practice, but also the focus on Africa made it a natural partnership for Saint-Gobain.
The Architects' Collective is entrusted with the responsibility of hosting cultural events that promote the architectural profession in Africa. The first edition of the Architect Africa Film Festival (AAFF), our flagship project, was hosted in 2007.
For almost a decade, the AAFF has been recognized and enjoyed by many as a top quality event bringing together built environment professionals, students, the media and the public. The selected films are highly rewarding and enjoyable; and have raised pertinent issues, encouraged discussion, and facilitated interaction between audience members and filmmakers since 2007.
The objectives of the #AAFF2016 are to: celebrate architecture; highlight film as an important tool for exploring architectural and urban issues; provide a platform for debate and communication among built environment professionals, stakeholders and citizens; provide a cultural tool for capacity building and education; create a broader public awareness of the design and developmental opportunities facing growing cities; expose students and researchers to the dynamic relationship between film and architecture.
View the full programme here.
Vele Secondary School – East Coast Architects
Winner of Best Movie Award in Architecture for Social Gain 2015 Awards is showing on Friday the 24th at 18h00. Give it a shot at winning another award by nominating it for the AAFF Public Nomination for Best Film to be announced on Sunday the 26th of June at the close of the film festival.

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